बुधवार, 4 जुलाई 2012

> Bonsai classes in Pune by Rizwana Kashyap.
> Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form that involves careful and artistic
> grooming of plant forms. It needs patience, an aesthetic sense for shapes
> and an unshakable love for nature. It is also deeply meditative & allows
> the maker to focus on their life giving and creative energy.
> A variety of plants can be trained over months and years to take the shape
> the Bonsai artist desires. With patience, these plants can evolve into the
> most evocative and graceful life forms that speak of the artists devotion
> to natural life and aesthetics.
> Rizwana Kashyap is a Pune based veteran Bonsai artist who has practiced &
> taught the art for over 40 years. Some of her specimens are over 80 years
> old. She has rescued plants growing on the inside of ancient wells &
> trained them into beautiful natural art that have amazed many. Many of her
> Bonsais are ordinary species but have evolved into extraordinary natural
> art with decades of patient nurturing & training.
> Rizwana is a patient & experienced teacher and conducts Bonsai classes in
> English, Marathi & Hindi. She can be contacted for appointments at
> rizwana.kashyap@gmail.com

I can also teach Languages.....English Hindi & Marathi......for adults,professionals & students.  Learn the skill of coneversation.

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